The Central Contract Resources Court (TCRC) has lifted the preventive suspension of Imserso’s travel program. The body subordinate to the Ministry of Finance rejects three appeals filed Soltur, Mundiplane and Nautalia against distribution of all lots Avoristourism division of the Barceló group.

The agency is now dependent on the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, which leads Jonah Belarra You’ll have to get everything ready for package sales to begin in the coming weeks.

In total the program has 886,269 seats (70,000 more than last year). Lot 1 (Tourism in the coastal areas of the peninsula) is designed for 443,887 places; Lot 2 (Island coast) – 230,039; and Lot 3 (Holiday tourism and European origin) – 212,343.

There has only been one contentious administrative appeal against the TACRC decision. National audience, which would not interfere with the development of the program. The appellants considered that the amount of compensation awarded to Avoris was not in accordance with the terms of the contract. However, the court rejected the other candidates’ arguments in three separate rulings.

Travel agencies and hoteliers warned that possible delays caused by the cascade of resources would jeopardize occupancy and planning for the low season. From Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (Ceav) require that in future editions the tender be carried out with a greater margin of time.

The publication of specifications took place on March 26, the deadline for submitting proposals is open until May 3. The award was awarded only on July 6, and the deadline for filing appeals was extended until August 25.

“CEAV proposes to provide longer time periods and announce competitions on dates well in advance of the summer with the aim of marketing sites in September so that travel begins within the first two weeks of October. This way, users will not be harmed or harmed. jobs created over the summer in some tourist areas can be maintained,” it said in a statement released on Monday.