Digital, sustainable, transparent and “if not the cheapest” in the bid for it. This is how Emily Ruso, CEO of the new company, describes it CreateEnergygroup rate Energy factor compete in a wild energy market that is expanding and growing as a result of high prices for electricity, gas and gasoline.

CreaEnergia’s strategy has such key areas as artificial intelligence; A indexed electricity tariff which is formed from the market price of electricity plus a fixed monthly management fee of 5.89 euros; and voice and face, like Belen Esteban, brand image and character that gave the tariff its name. CreaEnergia claims that its proposal offers the customer an option without hidden surcharges and without consistency, in which the consumer “will pay exactly for each kWh at the price at which the company buys it and will be able to optimize his consumption by taking advantage of the cheapest option.” sections”.

In the company’s presentation, Ruso emphasized that the new regulated rate, known as PVPC (voluntary consumer price), is no longer directly indexed to the market price, but a portion of the price is indexed to futures. “We have been tracking prices and we see that they are on a downward curve and at the moment the best product is the one that is indexed to the market. To be very transparent, instead of charging a percentage of the price or the volume of energy, we set a fixed price to cover the renewable energy sold by CreaEnergia, which has a guarantee of origin,” explains Ruso.

CreaEnergia’s CEO insisted that “the idea is that the product can become, if not the cheapest, then the most competitive and also the most transparent.” The new energy company’s mission is to “make things simple and fair for customers.” Each invoice describes all concepts in detail, clearly separating quotas from energy consumption concepts, which demonstrates that the company’s profit is not dependent on the customer’s consumption.

Project based on artificial intelligence

The alternative presented by CreaEnergia is based on the use of generative artificial intelligence to “transform the sector by making it more efficient, sustainable and people-centric.” The company is working to support these changes “because this company model truly promotes sustainability.”

As Ruso explained, the idea of ​​CreaEnergia arose after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and rising energy prices. “We looked around to see what we could do to meet consumer demand for better prices and conditions, as well as more transparent tariffs. With the help of Open AI, we realized that a very disruptive technology had emerged, which gave us the opportunity to begin a digitalization process that would provide greater efficiency to the business project,” states the CEO of CreaEnergia.

The energy company has developed an innovative system that not only recognizes and answers customer questions, but does so in the voice and signature tone of a city princess, with facial expressions that everyone can recognize. Potential clients who call 676 00 50 50 will be able to ask a question on any topic, and the avatar will answer in the role of Belen Esteban. The interested party will be assisted by a virtual Bethlehem who will guide them through the hiring process and ask a series of questions to understand the client’s needs. With generative AI, you can answer a wide variety of queries and adapt your responses in real time.

As Ruso noted in a conversation with IndependentCreaEnergia was created with a digital profile to provide the consumer with all the information of interest through its application. “We have a digital approach, but upon customer request we can send invoices to both their email and home mailbox. The company prefers a digital format due to its commitment to sustainability and to avoid over-consumption of certain resources, but “Just because we use an AI engine doesn’t mean the user has to have a digital profile. We think older people will feel very comfortable,” says Ruso.

The last of the dozens of companies that are created every month in search of clients who want to save a good handful of euros, at the end of the month is born without a concrete ceiling: “In other projects it is easy to make forecasts for the future; however, in this case we are launching something that doesn’t exist yet and we don’t know if it will work. Usually, when you do a marketing campaign, you are very clear about the metrics, but here we are not calling the client, but we will invite the client to call us,” notes Ruso, who praises this initiative: “We developed something that we didn’t even know was possible, that it was created anywhere in the world.”