talgo sets November as the date of delivery to the state operator Renfe the first units of the Talgo Avril high-speed train (series 106) to enter the AVE lines in Galicia And Andalusiaas well as services in France.

After a two-year delay on the originally scheduled date and a clash with Renfe that included possible sanctions for breach of contract, the listed company now indicates that the date will be reached “provided that others involved in this process respect the deadlines.” provided by Talgo” to achieve this goal. Among other things, the formation machinists.

In anticipation of the boom in demand that the liberalization of the sector and the new lines of the network will cause, the public operator has put into operation thirty new trains from the Basque manufacturer, which they were supposed to start delivering in January 2021. But the pandemic slowed down the whole process, and to this day, trains still do not deliver, interfering, among other things, with the corridor to Seville enjoy inexpensive service Avlo.

In any case, the commissioning of 30 bullet trains be stunnedas communicated to this Wednesday by the company’s management of the company that manages Raul White after the termination Isaiah tabo for metric gauge trains.

In the case of Galicia, whose high-speed line was launched at the end of 2021, it can currently only be reached up to Ourense because there are traces Iberian gauge, not international. To continue the journey, it is necessary that the trains variable width axes like the new Avril.

“The approval process for any train is inherently difficult, but in the case of new technology, such as those equipped with Talgo Avril, approval is a challenge for everyone involved in the process,” the company says. This is a completely new technical train capable of traveling at speeds of 360 km/h on any track, which is unprecedented in the world, which means that its certification should be particularly comprehensive.

Lighter, greener and more affordable

The firm is convinced that it will become the quality benchmark in the high-speed rail segment. “With their high payload capacity and low overall weight, Avril trains minimize energy consumption and increase efficiency. This allows them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and further strengthen the position of the train as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport,” the company said in a statement.

One of the outstanding features of this modern train is that its 12-car, 200-meter-long train is located on the same floor and at the same height as the platform, allowing passengers to board the train. and move around its entire interior without steps or ramps.

“This is Talgo’s unique ability to not only facilitate access for people with limited mobility, but also offer easy travel for all passengers, from parents with prams to travelers with bulky luggage or bikes,” he adds at the construction company.

The Talgo Avril is also equipped to operate north of the Pyrenees. The new trains will be able to be used on almost the entire Iberian railway network, electrified by the contact network, bringing even closer those destinations to which the new high-performance railway network has not yet been extended, as well as in international relations between Spain and France.

The new model holds the world speed record on the Iberian gauge: 360 km/h, reached on September 7, 2022 on the Ourense-Santiago de Compostela high-speed line in Galicia.

In recent years, Talgo has been able to secure new contracts for the supply of, among others, 79 ICE L (Intercity-Express Low-Floor) trains for German Bathsregular day and night trains to ENR (Egyptian National Railways) to be used on the Egyptian mainline network and to the Danish DSB to link Copenhagen (Denmark) with the German port of Hamburg.